Aeroporto di Olbia

Olbia - 1996 - 2006

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More than a single supply, this is a long-term collaboration between the Companies i 4 Mariani and Geasar – the managing company of the airport.

In the last 10 years the Company basically supplied the most important areas of the airport with the most different elements of furniture: from Arrival hall to the Departure hall; from the rent-a-car areas to the Private VIP Eccelsa Club departure –arrival area; from the Gates A to the Geasar and Enac offices. Strictly connected with the project planning Studio, the Company produced and assembled the most various furnishing elements, all made on custom design.

The importance of this project has been than confirmed by the issue of a specific volume of the specialized Library SKIRA.

More precisely separated for the different Areas:

Departure Hall: Check-in area with 40 check-in counters custom design in gel-coat and steel and the relative steel and rigid poliuretane cantilever roof with its monitor-holder; integration of furniture with all the mechanism for the hadling system.

Aviazione Generale. Eccelsa Club: Complete furnishing for the VIP Lounge Eccelsa with: panelling in pear-wood, low partition walls in pear-wood and sardinian ceramics; seating area with a custom design of the leather upholstered sofas, armchairs and low tables; reception counter in pear-wood and glass; Internet point with partition walls in steel and glass and internal furnishings; Passport check area with partition walls and furnishings; Presidential private Area inside the VIP Lounge.

Rent a car Area: Supply and fitting for all the area of wall partitions in laminate, steel and glass; reception counter and all general furniture.

Arrival Hall: Partition walls in satin glass shatter-proof and its relative steel frame; covering of all the internal walls of the terminal with panelling in laminate and aluminium.

Gates Area A: Parapet and rail in glass and stainless steel and 10 boarding counters.

Geasar and Enac Offices: Furnishing of all the offices with partition walls in steel, glass and laminate.