Strasbourg FRANCE - 2012

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Supply and fitting of standard as well as custom made items for this Institute of Research against Cancer of the Digestive Apparatus, acknowledged as one of the most important Center in the world. The furnishing was done especially in the office of the institute with main reference to the big conference room but also the administrative offices. The conference room was furnished with wall paneling in wood, lacquered cabinets and a big conference table in teak wood veneer and saddle leather inlays and microphones; everything was designed and produced on customer requests, including also the suspended ceiling , the stuccos walls, the lamps and the curtains. The big door and the columns covered in saddle leather are remarkable. The administrative offices was furnished with the Blade collection items fit to the customer requests as the special chromed details and the big round conference table. Also her the furnishing included the suspended ceiling and all the lamps.