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The Company "i 4 MARIANI" is so called because of the 4 brothers Biagio, Tarcisio, Umberto and Emilio that established it on 1957; it is really a family operated company. Now, with the third generation coming soon, each member of the family contributes their own particular competence to provide a role in a well tested mechanism.
The 4 founding fathers - all still active in the Company - are assisted by their 8 daughters and sons; this unique family environment is also supported by important international designers. Since the foundation of the firm, i 4 Mariani has always offered furnishings of contemporary taste never being fashion-victims. The production is focused on two main families: products for the home such as sofas, armchairs, beds, dining chairs, shelf units, dining tables and low tables and products for the office such as desks, conference tables, cabinets, armchairs, drawers units, wall and equipped partitions. All these items are dedicated to everyone who loves comfort combined with the finest materials and finishing that are cared for down to the smallest detail with handicraft care, yet made to last without need of service for decades.
These characteristics of quality are guaranteed by a production process that is counter to that of most of the other companies. i 4 Mariani realize almost 100% of the production inside of the company, from the wooden to the steel frame, to the semi-finished, to the final upholstery and so on. For this reason, the Company is able to make constant and complete checks of quality during all the different phases of production, which results in very few complaints from customers after the sale.
The Company`s registered office is in Brianza, north of Milan - the area that has contributed most to the development of the Italian furnishing industry. The i 4 MARIANI group is today one of the most advanced industrial complex in this sector, with a production facility covering over 22,000 square meters.
State-of-the-art manufacturing technology plus a strong handicraft tradition - particularly noticeable in the leather upholstered items - make the Company products unmistakable in their essential design, durability and quality of working and finishes.
Thanks to these characteristics, the group is well-established in areas, such as the upholstered furnishing, the office and the contract sectors, that are highly sensitive to durable goods. Business with North-America, Asian and European Countries are nowadays consolidated since the late ’60 thanks to an appropriate organization and testify the solidity of the firm and the international taste of his production.


Our STORY of innovation, quality, and passion since 1957

“i 4 Mariani” was established in 1957. The company is headquartered in Brianza, north of Milan, in the region that has long been the center of the Italian furniture industry. An entrepreneurial activity that, since the beginning, characterizes the union between emerging technologies and the rich assets of handicraft. It is a story constantly in evolution, where the passion for absolute quality is most important. From the origin through today, i 4 Mariani envisions and realizes furnishings, seating, cabinets, and upholstered objects that stand the test of time. Each single piece is the result of a careful selection of materials, and of maximum care in the details, with research in the design oriented to the essential elements required. A key distinctive point of the company is the proprietary knowledge in the working of saddle leather and the use of such leather with its strong specialization in the residential, contract and office sectors.

A very modern company under family tradition

Today, the company founded by the four brothers Biagio, Tarcisio, Umberto, and Emilio Mariani maintains the family tradition, which has now arrived to the third generation. A rare example in the sector, with a reality that has maintained it for over fifty years on the same property, the company has the advantage of constant growth through values of excellence in production. i 4 Mariani depends now on its technologically advanced establishment with a total of 22,000 square meters (almost 235,000 square feet). Here, skilled handicraft workers continue together with technicians and management. They are a tested team, able to face the most complex challenges.

The culture of the materials and of the leather

“i 4 Mariani”, contrary to the industry, realizes on our own almost 100% of the production. From the wooden and metal framework structures, to semi-finished status, and finally upholstery, there is a deep knowledge of the technology, and an understanding of the materials. Particularly, the company selects the best varieties of leather and raw saddle leather, and follows every phase of production, including the working, while maintaining authenticity of the material and its naturalness. In this way, the furnishings and upholstered objects covered in leather and saddle leather retain great comfort, are esthetically pleasing, and are created of the highest quality.

Contract work and custom made office

Starting in the 1990's, the company acquired sophisticated machines for the production of office furniture systems. The production sector was enlarged to accommodate Plusystem, which is composed of 500 different elements for each type of production layout. A big parallel development also expanded the contract business sector. The company includes inside all of the capabilities to follow each phase of production, from the conception through to the final realization of the installation, with the availability of services continuing after the sale. With the availability of personalized solutions for different installations, the company emerged as an important leader in the contract furnishings field, as evidenced by the fourteen different airport VIP Member waiting rooms installed for Alitalia throughout the world, as an official quality supplier of that company.

Icon pieces and prestigious collaboration with designers

“i 4 Mariani” style has been expressed decade by decade through various authentic icon pieces. Andromeda and Selene were futurist seating systems designed by our internal technical staff during the 1960's. We continued with the upholstered Tucroma design of Guido Faleschini in the 1970's, and Insieme in the 1980's. The Marnie collection of seating included the dual possibilities of residential and commercial contract applications, as projected by Adam Tihany in the 1990's. Today, as in the past, we follow the same tradition of collaboration with designers at the international level with Luca Scacchetti and Mauro Lipparini who designed the famous Oyster armchair.

Protagonists of the international scene

“i 4 Mariani” maintains first position in Italy and in the world. Amongst the foreign markets, of considerable note are the USA, the Middle East and Far East regions, and even further into the market of ex-Soviet Union nations.


We are green: a company at ambient measure

i 4 Mariani strives to maintain eco-sustainability and gives a real confirmation through making the right choices and daily behaviors. Here are our actions:

Big news of 2010, the whole factory of Mariano Comense has been covered by 3.816 photovoltaic panels the biggest plant of the Como Area, for a total power of 992,16 KWp in a single plant. The yearly production of electricity will be more than 1100 MWh in order to satisfy completely the total requirement of the Company. This green plant will save 275 tons of fuel oil and will prevent the emission into the air of 550 tons of CO2 and other gas responsible of the greenhouse effect. During the 2014 the Company will install two new generation of heating boilers, for a total power of 1,3 MW, both working with production processes wood rejects; they will allow to optimize the consumption of energy but especially they will use eco-friendly fuel, not polluting and renewable. In other words, the Company by 2014 will be energy self-sufficient. We have recently also introduced ecological motor vehicles that operate on GPL and marsh gas.

We can really say that i4Mariani is a Company Green at 95%; this is a significant fact and not only words.

The company has always preferred the utilization of materials of natural provenience, including all of the wood and the leather. All of the solid wood comes from forests with guaranteed schedules of reforestation, while the chipboard panels are realized from recycled wood, produced with chemical products that rigorously respect the parameters of the European ecological initiatives. The leather of the different types are worked with the most advanced technologies and are dyed with non-toxic colours and treated without the use of pentachlorophenol.

The rubbers and the polyurethane used are made without CFC (chlorofluorocarbon). Our brochures and catalogues are produced with printing processes and materials of low environmental impact. The paper comes from certified FSC forests and the inks and the paints are vegetable based.

Leather and saddle leather

The leather and saddle leather are products that embody our company’s most essential traditions.

In fact, we have always used our own leather and our own saddle leather. This means that we don’t buy our base leathers from agents or retailers; we purchase the raw hides ourselves. After the purchase, these hides are treated in the tanneries we have selected and worked closely with over the years in Arzignano near Vicenza, the heart of Italy’s most respected tanning region. Each tannery we work with has been chosen for its capability in a particular realm of leather processing.

We directly supervise each stage of the processing, checking on the quality of our product at every step and maintaining the highest standards for the complete range of each collection. After all the treatments are finished, we obtain an exclusive leather of truly unsurpassed quality. Each collection is composed entirely of first-quality, full-grain leathers derived from hides solely of Alpine origin, the source of the ἀnest raw materials in the world.

Both product lines—leather and saddle leather—are chrome tanned, then chrome or mixed chrome/vegetable retanned. They are coloured in barrel through their entire thickness, followed by a treatment of superficial varnishing. All of the products are finally treated with special agents that make them water repellent for a limited period.
All the leathers and saddle leathers are dyed with nontoxic colours and contain no pentachlorophenol.

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