30 / 10 / 2019

i 4 Mariani presents its new Office catalogue: a complete and immediate book that collects all the Office Collection models created by the historic company of Mariano Comense. The volume highlights the wide range of products designed to furnish work spaces with style without sacrificing quality of the most precious materials such as leather, marble, precious woods and glass. Items of strong representative value that give the environments an unmistakable identity.
Thanks to the harmonious melting between industrial processes and artisan expertise, the company i 4 Mariani offers solutions for the office spaces with attention to the smallest details and customizable according to the different needs of the customers.
Evocative images and detailed texts outline the vision of the contemporary Office according to i 4 Mariani. A path that starts from the recent collections Euclideo and Cartesiano designed by Ferruccio Laviani - that explore the new frontiers of design taking on an almost sculptural role - and winds between items signed by famous designers such as Umberto Asnago and Matteo Nunziati. The catalog is completed by iconic and evergreen items such as the Wing chairs by Luca Scacchetti, Tucroma by Guido Faleschini and Big, the executive chair of “Gordon Gekko” that appeared in the 1987 film “Wall Street”. A journey that leads to the origins of the company's refined production, born over 60 years ago from the commitment and foresight of the 4 founding brothers Biagio, Tarcisio, Umberto and Emilio Mariani.