I 4 Mariani in the new Nunziati Studio

06 / 10 / 2016

I 4 MARIANI contributed to “draw” the new Headquarter Office in Milan of Matteo Nunziati with the big tables of the Blade collection designed by the architect himself. Thought as an immense white sheet, the Nunziati studio is like a neutral space conceived to be filled with ideas, inspirations, emotions, challenges and great satisfactions. Such as the collaboration with i 4 MARIANI that started in 2011 with great results then and now. The Blade collection is an example: a complete furniture system for the office characterized of geometric, sober and essential lines. The important thickness and volumes of the elements that compose the tops of the tables and the cabinets accentuate the quality and the strong structure of each piece. A distinctive detail is the stripe of saddle leather, an ever identifying material of the company, that like a blade divides, interrupts and runs through the surfaces exciting the viewer.