designer Luca Scacchetti

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Insula represents a different way to live the sofa: on it you can sit, you can lie down, you can relax, you can socialize, you can talk, you can look at each other. It allows to use in new way the space in which it will be fitted both for a residential use and for a contract purpose like lounges of hotels and big reception areas.

Insula, it is like a square, a block that gives onto 4 streets. It changes the perception we have for spaces, it denies the one way direction and the front and the rear concept; thanks to his freedom of sitting and positioning, we can feel our living room like a 3D-extended space.

His modularity and convertibility are underlined by the square grid of stitchings and by the essentiality of the shape.


Insula is a modular custom-made sofa, produced assembling together the different elements available from 6 platforms of various measures, 5 backs and arms in various lenghts and 4 back cushions.

The frame of the platform consists of two poplar haertwood panels fixed together. On the lower panel, covered externally with saddle leather, are fixed elastic polypropylene and natural latex belts of 5 cm wide at 80% elasticity, interlaced together at 90°; in this way the seat webbing is guaranteed. On the upper panel is glued a sheet of resilient, CFC-free polyurethane foam (density 35 kg/m3) covered with polyester wadding and fabric or leather. The frame of the back that has also the function of the arm, is made of black melamine coated panel upholstered with contoured sheets of resilient, CFC-free polyurethane foam (density 40kg/m3) covered with polyester wadding.

On this frame are fixed steel bars used to hook the back to the lower panel of the platform. The removable back cushions are completely feather-filled in separate units; the cover is made with a profile that runs all around the cushion itself.

The supports are composed by a tubular and plate in steel, varnished with epoxy power paint silver colour.

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2D materials
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