designer Alessandro Dubini

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Papillon is a comfortable armchair of smaller dimensions, suitable for different environments and use. The more personal size makes it perfect for the more private environments of the office and more private reception areas. The name refers to the curved shape obtained by the contrast in the shades of the materials, with a better personalization that outlines the silhouette.


The frame of the armchair is composed by two single elements – the back and the seat – made in round section tubular steel embedded in a polyurethane cold formed in mould with density of 65 Kg/m3; this naked foam items comply to the Italian Classe 1IM fire resistant laws and are also available on demand and with extra rate for other international standards. The seat element is covered by polyester wadding and after being covered in fabric or leather is fixed to the back element. The feets are in black PVC.

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2D materials
3D Materials