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Poetry, precision, subtlety, harmony, comfort. The classic sense of refinement, the incisive approach to design, the geometric accuracy of line and volume that come together to create an aura of welcome and ease: these are the motifs of Look Collection. Add_Look and Be_Look two different sofa systems with significant elements in common: gentle shapes and generous proportions, framed by a comfortable reclining backrest. Another shared element: great attention to detail—a precise cut, like that of a custom-tailored garment.

Be_Look demonstrates a clear devotion to physical comfort, exemplified by the ample volume of the sofa body. Its highly flexible, modular design allows the system to be articulated in a wide variety of configurations, facilitating the perfect solution for the unique requirements of any space.


A one-volume and one-material bed, laying on the floor. The soft and chubby shape of its chest gives calm in a relaxing total abandonment.


The load-bearing frame is constructed of poplar heartwood and elm with additional connecting elements in poplar plywood. Dap joints unite the various parts of the frame with securing cylindrical dowels. The carefully selected wood is naturally seasoned for at least three years on the company’s premises. The seat webbing consists of elastic polypropylene and natural latex belts in two sizes, each with its own precisely defined elasticity. Belts 9 cm wide are fixed parallel to each other and perpendicularly to the length of be_look at 20 percent elasticity; these are interlaced by 5 cm wide belts at 80 percent elasticity. The frame is upholstered with contoured sheets of resilient, CFC-free polyurethane foam (density between 30 and 35 kg/m3) covered with bonded plush and polyester wadding. The removable rear cushions are entirely feather-filled.

The headboard and the lateral bands of the bed are constructed of poplar heartwood with additional connecting elements in melamine coated panel. The padding consists of sheets of resilient, CFC-free polyurethane foam (density 30 kg/m3) covered with bonded plush and polyester wadding. These elements are fixed to a steel frame varnished with epoxy power paint black colour, where lean a wooden slatted base. The supports are in black PVC.

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