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This new collection of sectional sofas, available in different dimensions to satisfy all planning requirements is born from the will to realize a contemporary product, but also comfortable and multipurpose. The different elements of the collection are studied in order to always keep a perfect proportion and equilibrium of the shape. The seating and the cushions of different heights are upholstered in leather with apparent seams evidencing the flowing and soft shapes. The possibility to fit shelves or small cabinets in wood fixed to the frame of the sofa, give to the ensemble harmony and dynamism at the same time. The result is a modern and elegant product able to create a dialogue with the space in which it is inserted.


Chimera is a modular custom-made sofa, produced assembling together the different elements available from 4 seating elements of various measures, 12 backs and arms in various lenghts and 4 back cushions.

The frame of the seating elements is made with poplar and beech heartwood. Dap joints unite the various parts of the frame with securing cylindrical dowels. The seat webbing consists of elastic polypropylene and natural latex belts in two sizes, each with its own precisely defined elasticity. Belts 9 cm wide are fixed parallel to each other and perpendicularly to the length of add_look at 20 % elasticity; these are interlaced by 5 cm wide belts at 80% elasticity. The frame is upholstered with contoured sheets of resilient, CFC-free polyurethane foam with density of 18 and 35 kg/m3; this frame is then covered with a polyester wadding quilted to the cover of fabric or leather.

The frame of the back and of the arms, is made of black melamine coated panel upholstered with contoured sheets of resilient, CFC-free polyurethane foam with density of 30 kg/m3 covered with a quilted mat of polyester wadding and fabric or leather. On this frame are fixed steel bars used to hook the back to the lower panel of the platform. The removable back cushions are in polyurethane foam.

The rear and side shelves and the coffee table are made in particle board panels veneered in black walnut wood.

The supports are in tubular chromed steel.

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