designer Umberto Asnago

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Modern assimetric and precious materials evoke the ancient flavor of the writing.

The new desk is a refined and functional completion that enahances the spaces creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, sophisticated and contemporary taste.

Thanks to its versatile structure, Artur is ideal for the decoration of all the rooms of the house, from the living room to the bedroom, from the home-office room to the entrance.

The elegant design characterized by asymetric lines is combined with the use of precious materials such as wood and leather, which are minutely and cleverly arranged in detail especially in the backsplash on the top. The refinement of the shapes and finishes make Artur a valuable and innovative design at the same time.

The desk is available in one size and version with black walnut and leather, the two – upper and lower – shelves are equipped with leather containers.


The top of the desk is composed by black melamine coated panel veneered in wood similar to black walnut; in the middle of the top is fixed a small door that give access to a small storage compartment both covered in leather.The two legs are made with beech plywood panel curved into a mould and covered in leather. The feets and the central inlay of the legs are in solid poplar wood veneered in wood similar to black walnut. The two upper and lower optional shelves are in plywood panel covered in leather or veneered in wood similar to black walnut; the drawers are completely covered in leather.

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