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Papier is a collection of furnishings complements characterized by essentiality and lightness, obtained thanks to the use of materials and techniques of exclusive production.

As very fine sheets of papers, the edges of saddle leather model themselves perfectly to the shapes of the wood, from the flat surfaces to the bending of the corners. The low cabinet is upholstered in saddle leather; typical are the detail of the handle, curved and integrated into the door and the asimmetric vertical black lines that both enhance the lightness and the elegance of the materials.

The table available either round nor square presents an important curved base upholstered in saddle leather that copies the pattern of curved paper sheets. The top can be in marble, wood or saddle leather. The chair with a very simple shape, becomes elegant and bourgeois thanks to the soft upholstery, to the covering in leather and to the detail of the metal varnished profiles.


The top of the table is available in round or square shape with finishing in marble Calacatta Oro (or any other marble available in Collection) or in particleboard panel veneered in wood similar to oak with natural or dark brown finishing. The central column is made by two round beech plywood panel curved into a mould and covered in saddle leather and fixed together; the column lean on a metal sheet 10 mm thickness black lacquered and support a subtop of black coated melamine panel.

The cabinet is made by melamine coated panels 19 mm with white oak finishing; the back and the doors are black lacquered on one side only. The top, sides and legs are covered in saddle leather. The curved handle is in solid beech wood black lacquered.

The frame of the chair is made in tubular steel embedded in a polyurethane cold formed in mould with density of 55 Kg/m3; this naked foam item comply to the Italian Classe 1IM fire resistant laws and is also available on demand and with extra rate for other international standards. The base is a steel frame with 4 legs covered by polyurethane foam sheets. The chair is also available with side steel elements black powder coating varnished.

The base and the top of the low tables are made in MDF fiberboard panels, while the side is in birch plywood panel curved into a mould. Internally they are black matt lacquered while outside they are covered in saddle leather.

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