Villa Privata

Maroggia SVIZZERA - 2012

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Supply and fitting of standard as well as custom made items for this historical Villa on the Lugano Lake in Maroggia. It is the old Salesian school “Don Bosco” – Villa Petrucci that was built up around on 1630 by the two brothers Giacomo and Giovanni Pietro petrucci – architecs operating in Bohemia. In the big hall are still visible some stuccoes of the 1650 and two frescos of Giovanni Battista Bagutti portraying the Triumph of Apollo and Vulcano. The furnishing was done with standard items like the big living area with the Kristall sofas and Park coffee table, the sofas Add_Look in both Round and XL versions and the two tables Ares and Paso Doble with Wing Chairs and finally the Kristall bed. There are also some special items like the chairs around the big Ares table and a custom design cabinet.