SAVILE ROW at Datai Langkawi in Malaysia

20 / 12 / 2019

Christmas holidays have just begun it's nice to spend the good times alone or in company of the people we love; especially if you have the chance to spend them in a dream location...
Just like at THE DATAI LANGKAWI a wonderful 5-star resort located in the Malaysian archipelago of Langkawi, dip in a 10 million year old rainforest and overlooking a white sand beach considered one of the 10 most beautiful in the world by National Geographic; a real paradise on earth.

The resort has just been renovated and even also i 4 Mariani has been a protagonist of the complete renovation of the interiors signed by the prestigious Paris studio DL2A led by the architect Didier Lefort.

In fact, the SAVILE ROW model - design Alessandro Dubini - was chosen to furnish all 40 Rainforest Villas in addition to the incredible The Datai Estate, a 3500 m² villa, one of the largest of its kind in all Asia. Simple shapes and materials coordinated with a palette of delicate colors live in an almost perfect union with the luxuriant surrounding nature.