designer Luca Scacchetti

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Crossing is a collection of tables, desks and low storage unit, that plays with the shapes, the volume and the materials creating effects of extreme modernity and elegance. The central element is made with the top in saddle leather, wood or in glass, produced like a self-continuous element, turning round and extending itself on the sides. The compositions complete with extended volumes in wood equipped of doors and drawers or with cubic supporting asymmetric pedestals for the desks.

A collection of a geometry apparently elementary that offers at the same time a visual effect of big complexity and symbolic position referable to familiar architectonic structures, like the movement of a beam crossing the space, or a bridge crossing a stream or a gorge leaning on side elevation.

Executive desks are available in different dimensions and materials, while cabinets of only one dimension have different possibility of doors and drawers.

Download - Materials

Matériaux - 2D
Matériaux - 3D