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Daniele Lo Scalzo Moschieri, 2017

The design applied to the car and, in particular, the realization of its interior is a perfect combination of innovation and handcrafted details from which were born timeless icons. Taking as model the gritty style of that language and exploiting the results of technological research applied to manufacturing, was born the collection of tables and chairs Way signed by Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri. With a perfectly circular or rectangular shape with rounded corners top, tables are supported by a base, light and definitely graphics, reminiscent of the old steering wheels spokes.

Striped Black Walnut
Calacatta Oro
Dover White
Carrara Gioia
Sahara Noir
Nero Marquina
Marron Damasco
New Saint Laurent
Marron Emperador
Emperador Light
Forest Brown
Graphite Stained Ash

The pictures are illustrative and there may be slight chromatic variations in the realization.